Construction of highways and roads of the republican road network, primary and secondary street network and the equipment to them, designing and construction of park gardens, the infrastructure and equipment to them, reconstruction, current repair and maintenance, winter road maintenance, communications and infrastructure objects, road accessories and equipment, production of raw stuffs and materials for construction of roads, designing, engineering and trade activities, performing internal and external planting, internal and external cleaning of buildings, offices and houses, waste collecting and transporting, car lease, all types of services with construction and other machinery, waste processing and recycling, construction of water and sewerage installations and electrical wiring, buying of goods or other things with the purpose of reselling in initial, processed or manufactured condition, selling of goods own production, commercial representation and agency, commission and transportation deals, import and export, warehouse and license deals, deals with intellectual property, restaurant business, hotel, tourist, advertising, information, program and other services, purchase, construction of production halls, private residential mansions, hotel complexes, public and administrative buildings, villa settlements, furnishing immovable properties, leasing.